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Please note the following uniform requirements and dress code for each level. Links to student uniforms are listed below.

Uniform Overview – In General


The Berwyn Ballet School has a passion for the art of dance. TBBS employs and collaborates with selected ballet instructors to provide instruction in our vision, expression, and artistry of ballet to our students, to promote the art of dance in beautiful creativity. The art of ballet is pure expression created by the movement of the human body. Ballet expresses the complementary and contrasting beauty of the human male and female forms through the combined arts of music and dance. Uniforms are a key aspect to proper ballet etiquette and are integral to the creative message TBBS seeks to express and teach through the art of dance. Each student must come to each class ready to receive instruction and to dance in the attire corresponding to his or her skill level and category. 



  • Creative Dance Girls: Any solid color leotard and skirt, plain white bobby socks, and european pink ballet shoes.

  • Creative Dance Boys: Any color plain tshirt, black shorts, white socks and black ballet shoes.

  • Stretch/Conditioning Classes: All students ages 8-18 enrolled in ballet classes must wear their ballet class uniform, unless warmup attire is granted by the instructor.

  • Highland Classes: The Highland Class uniform consists of the standard uniform required by TBBS, with the addition of white knee socks - lightweight (no tube socks) must go to the bottom of the kneecap. Beginner students may wear ballet shoes. Serious dancers will need to buy Highland shoes at the instruction of the teacher. Note: All Highland Classes require hair up in either a bun or a ponytail. 

  • Adult Classes: Adults may wear any dance or athletic wear of their choosing that is not inconsistent with the general uniform overview and requirements for their level and category. Clothing that is distracting or otherwise inappropriate in the sole discretion of TBBS may not be permitted. It is advised that clothing should allow your greatest range of motion.

Leotards and skirts can be found online at Discount Dance Supply:

Ballet tights (flesh-toned or pink based on preference), shoes and other products can be purchased at a local dance supply store.

The closest locations are:​

Washington Dancewear


Dance Supplies Etc.


White wrap skirts, boy’s black shorts, select leotards, bun kits and other supplies can be purchased directly from The Berwyn Ballet School at the Home Studio. Email to order.

Uniform Overview – Specific Requirements

Females (Girls Ages 11 & Under)

  • Primary: Lavender tank leotard Style No: N5501C, lavender skirt Style No: TH5513C, plain white bobby socks and pink ballet shoes
    *If the leotard and skirt above are out of stock and backordered more than 3 weeks, please use leotard Style No: CL5405 and skirt Style No: CR5110*

  • Levels 1 and 2: Light blue tank leotard Style No: N5501C or Style No: N5501, white wrap skirt, pink or complexion matching tights and ballet shoes to match tights

  • Levels 3 and 4: Royal blue tank Style No: N5501, white wrap skirt, pink or complexion matching tights and ballet shoes to match tights

Females (Girls & Women Ages 12 & Up)

  • Levels 5 and up: Black tank Style No: N5501, black wrap skirt, pink or complexion matching tights and ballet shoes to match tights

Males (Boys Ages 11 & Under)

Primary and Levels 1-4: White shirt Style No: TH5133C or Style No: ME639 , black shorts from Eurotard, Style No: 33440c with white socks with black ballet shoes. (A dance belt is required for male dancers ages 10 and up).

Males (Boys and Men Ages 12 & up)

Levels 5 and up: White or black shirt, black tights or shorts from Eurotard, Style No: 33440c  with either white socks with white ballet shoes or black socks with black ballet shoes (A dance belt is required for male dancers ages 10 and up).

When ordering from Discount Dance Supply, use code 580515 at check out to support the studio!
New customers receive 8% off their first purchase with code.


A beautiful ballet bun is another essential part of ballet etiquette. 

All ladies are required to come prepared to class with hair pulled out of their face in a bun. The only exception will be for dancers who have extremely short hair and have been given permission to only wear a headband. 

*Students must use either hair spray or gel and a hair net every single class. 

What you need: 

- Brush and/or comb 

- Both closed and open bobby pins

- Hair ties/ bands

- Hair nets that match hair color

- Hair spray and/or gel 

- Optional water spray bottle 

- Bag to keep all hair items in

- Optional bow, small flower or headband

    to match class leotard

Click here for short hair instructional video

Click here for long hair instructional video 

Click here for very short hair instructional video

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