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Our BRAND NEW state-of-the-art ballet studio is now open for rentals!

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Classes and Rehearsals Use

(1 hour minimum)


*$65/hour for members of TBBS Community

Events Use 

(2 hour minimum) 


*$120/hour for members of TBBS Community

PXL_20230726_142343980 (1).jpg

About Gerstung Sprung Floors

An AirBase is a Gerstung sprung subfloor created 50 years ago for dancers and athletes. This is a sturdy sprung base used with a top surface of Vinyl/Marley or Wood that supports the dancer. The AirBase  consists of a layer of imported hardwood plywood, supported by our unique Energy Blocks™ that provide both absorbency and resilience.  The Gerstung Energy Block™ compresses and recovers quickly - better than anything on the market.  The result is an even, shock absorbent, resilient floor providing lifting power and safe landings.

Studio Uses

Here are some great suggested uses for the TBBS Home Studio!

Dance rehearsals or performances

Ballet birthday parties

Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Zumba classes


Vocal or instrumental rehearsals or performances

Have another use for this beautiful space? Just let us know! 

Ready to rent?

For rental requests please email

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