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Young Dancer Books and Videos from Ms. Lori

By Lori Provost

Hello Creative Dance and Primary Ballet Parents!

I'd like to suggest some home viewing of videos to enhance your dancer's appreciation. This can be a fun activity for you and your child to enjoy during those "lazy, hazy days of summer".

The first video is called "B is for Ballet" by America's preeminent ballet company, American Ballet Theatre. It is a fun intro to ballet video suited for children. Here is the link: For our male dancers, the second video is a read along of a book called "Boys Dance!" also put out by American Ballet Theatre. It is an inspiring read for young male dancers and also available on Amazon for purchase. Thirdly, here is an animated ballet history video. The language is quite sophisticated and may require parents breaking it down in more simple terms, but the animation is descriptive and informative regarding ballet etiquette, so that is why I included it: Next, here is a video that inspired our in-class, 4th of July dance last week. It is perhaps America's most patriotic ballet, choreographed by George Balanchine and set on the company Mr. Balanchine founded called the New York City Ballet. Here is a video of a pas de deux (partnered dance) to inspire your little dancer: And finally, for a fun-at home activity, your child can even learn a dance inspired by the ballet above called "Stars & Stripes". In this video, my friend Carmela Gallace will teach the dance to your child. Carmella and I were students in the NYU/ABT master's degree program together, and now she teaches for American Ballet Theatre's Education Department. If your child does learn this dance from home, please be sure to record a video and email to us at Here is the video: Happy Summer! Miss Lori

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