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Tuition & Fees

ALL TBBS classes are JUST

$99/per class, per month!

Two Payment Options:

Full year or Monthly Payment Plan Payments can be made up front for the whole year or through an automatic monthly payment plan. Full year payments can be made through the Parent Portal.

If you would like to be on a monthly payment plan, email

Drop in Classes

$25.00 per class

Additional Fees Include:

Annual Registration Fee: $50

Performance Fee: $50

Performance Costume Purchase Fee

$50 (applicable only to Creative Dance & Primary students)

Performance Preparation Solo Fee

$60/hr, $30/30 mins

(Small groups will split the overall cost of the solo fee between multiple students.)

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

$100/hr or $50/30 mins

(Semi-Private lessons will split the overall cost of a private lesson between multiple students.) 

*Performance, Rehearsal & Costume Fees are not eligible for payment plans

Be sure to secure your child's placement in their preferred classes!

Need Help Paying?

* Check out the NEW DSP Financing Option which gives you more time to pay for your favorite dance classes:

Dance Studio Pro: Klarna

Klarna allows you to pay over time in a smooth and safe way! When you check out DSP, you will see the option to pay with Klarna as a flexible payment plane option

* or consider sharing the cost with split-pay!

Why would you want to use Split Pay?

Split pay is a great option for those families in situations where more than one family member wants to make payments on a students.

For example, TBBS can make one parent the main contact and a second payor (like Grandma) the additional contact, and we can set a certain percentage of Auto-Pay to be charge to each person.

If you would like to set up split pay, contact

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